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VibroLiposuction Surgery

Advanced Liposuction Technique

This is the most recent liposuction technique, it is safe effective and easy. The emulsion of fat principle allows the removal of the fat tissue without harming any other tissues. This result in a briefer recovery period. It also allows mayor surgical precision in difficult access areas or areas with great fibrosis (secondary liposuctions or male liposuctions).

It is exempt from risks inherent to other liposuction techniques due to the fact that the cannulas are not heated or laser based, avoiding the danger of skin necrosis.

How does it work?

Liposuction is assisted by compressed or medicinal air. A pneumatic engine is triggered by compressed air that enables the liposuction cannula to move in three different ways at once: fluctuation, rotation and vibration.

These three vibration movements of the cannula lead to the emulsification of the fat tissue. The emulsified fat will simultaneously be sucked out by the cannula.

This all leads to a faster recovery. The swelling and the edema of the treatment area is also less. In addition, the vibration stimulates the collagen synthesis in the skin during the superficial liposuction, leading to better retraction of the skin after the procedure.

Movement of the Vibro-Liposuction Canula

The advantages for patients are:

  • Less swelling and oedema
  • More even smoother results
  • Better and fast recovery
  • Less pain
  • Fast – shorter anaesthetic time
  • Post-operative recovery is shorter

The advantages for the surgeon:


  • Easier work and less tiring
  • The access to treat difficult zones
  • Treatment of delicate zones with great precision