Considerations When It Comes to the Price of Breast Implants

Every year, thousands upon thousands of women across the globe decide to get breast implants. Breast augmentation was once seen as a taboo topic, but it is becoming more and more common. There are many reasons why a woman would choose to alter the appearance of her chest, some of these include:

  • A mastectomy – Women who have had a mastectomy done due to breast cancer or another illness sometimes prefer to regain their confidence through reconstructive surgery and implants.
  • Self-esteem – Many women feel self-conscious about the size of their breasts and report a marked improvement in their confidence after breast augmentation surgery.
  • Post-pregnancy changes – Pregnancy is notorious for changing a woman’s body. Pregnancy and nursing can cause breasts to droop, sag, and shrink. Many women have breast augmentation surgery after they have had children.
  • Weight loss – Excess weight that has been lost can make most skin on the body begin to sag, including the skin on your breasts. For someone who has made the change and begun a new journey with a healthy weight, firm and perky breasts can be a confidence booster.
  • A botched surgery – A botched breast augmentation can turn into a medical emergency, and to avoid disfigurement, reconstructive surgery is needed.


The Price

When considering breast augmentation surgery, one of the first things standing in the way of a patient is the price. The cost of breast implants may be enough to discourage someone from attaining their ideal body, and for a lot of women, this can be devastating. Thankfully, compared to many other parts of the world, South Africa has some of the best surgeons, and breast implant surgeries are very well priced, which is why overseas patients often travel to South Africa to save on costs.

There are a few factors that may influence the price of your breast implant surgery. Some of the main factors are:

  • Experience – Your surgeon’s level of experience will play a role in their fees.
  • Silicone versus saline – Saline breast implants are the most affordable, but for women who prefer a less firm, more natural feel, the more expensive silicone gel implants are a better choice.
  • Location – Where you choose to have your surgery done will affect the price.
  • Other expenses – It is not just the surgeon’s fees that influence the price, but also the other surgery-related expenses, such as hospital fees, anaesthesia, post-op medication, post-op garments, tests, and check-ups.

Fortunately, this is one cosmetic procedure that doesn’t need to leave you struggling, as many financing options for such surgeries are available. MediFin and Incred Medical Finance are just two options with easy repayment terms and very low interest rates. To top it all off, we at Centurion Cosmetic Clinic (located in Pretoria), have competitively priced fees and top-notch surgeons who will ensure that you are taken care of right from the beginning of your journey. If you would like to know more about the price of such a surgery, feel free to contact us.