Mommy Makeover

The Mommy Makeover – A Combo Cosmetic Surgery

Our Mommy Makeover procedure is an ideal solution for women who went through multiple pregnancies and want to reclaim their former figure. This procedure combines several surgical procedures into a single package, covering the entire upper body to enhance your body’s contours and be rid of any stubborn fat deposits that remained after pregnancy. When booking a consultation with us, your surgeon can give you a comprehensive walkthrough of the surgery and evaluate your body to recommend optimal solutions.

Addressing Volume Loss and Sagginess

A woman’s breasts can lose volume as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Age and gravitational force are both attributing factors to sagging breasts as well. Therefore, our Mommy Makeover includes a breast lift surgery to address any sagginess. This procedure removes any excess skin from the breasts to reshape them to be perkier and more youthful. It can also be combined with a breast augmentation surgery to enhance your body contours and add some volume to your breasts. However, you will not be able to breastfeed afterwards as a result of relocating the nipples.

Tackling Stubborn Fat Deposits

The human body has fat cells underneath the surface of the skin that are responsive to our diet, exercise, and lifestyle. When gaining weight, these fat cells grow in size, protruding areas such as the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs. When losing that weight, the fat cells are broken down naturally, reducing in size. However, stubborn fat deposits can reveal themselves throughout weight-loss. Liposuction offers a surgical solution to break down these deposits and remove them from the body for good. Therefore, liposuction is part of our Mommy Makeover to sculpt your body and ensure that fat protrusion is eliminated.

Our Mommy Makeover can also include a tummy tuck, taking care of the middle and lower abdomen. This procedure removes excess fat and loose skin from the abdominal areas, tightening the abdominal muscle wall in the process as well. Therefore, you can expect a flatter and more toned abdomen as opposed to dealing with loose skin and fat deposits as a result of pregnancy. However, if you get pregnant afterwards, you will undo the abdominoplasty. Therefore, we recommend this type of procedure to women who already had children and want to enjoy their lives as a mom.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice when you are looking for cosmetic surgical solutions in Gauteng. For more info on our Mommy Makeover and what to expect from this combo procedure, please browse our website for details. Take control of your body with us on your side.

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