Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction – When Should I Consider It?

Men with healthy lifestyles will work toward an ideally sculpted physical appearance. By maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise routine, they can get their bodies in shape through conventional weight-loss and consistent calory burning. During the weight-loss and sculpting phases of bodybuilding, stubborn fat deposits can appear. These deposits will not respond to your regular exercise in an effort to burn them away naturally. Therefore, you need a different approach to get rid of them for good. Male liposuction is your answer. By burning fat through regular exercise, your body lowers the fat percentage of your fat cells. With Male liposuction, we can target and remove any non-responsive fat cells for good.

How Can Fat Deposits Form in My Body?

The fat cells in our body are, for the most part, responsive to our lifestyle. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body will consistently burn excess fat, keeping you fit and in shape. During the process of burning fat, non-responsive fat cells can create a fat deposit. These deposits will clearly stand out on a sculpted body, creating undesirable lumps of fat. Male liposuction can surgically remove these deposits, giving you the freedom to work towards your ideal body.

The Procedure

Liposuction breaks down and vacuums fat deposits from underneath the skin. During your surgery, your surgeon will make a small incision next to the targeted area to gain access to the fat deposits. Your surgeon will proceed to break down the deposits with the cannula and vacuum them from your body. As a result, you can expect a flatter and slimmed down surface, working towards your goal of a sculpted body.

Vibro-Liposuction Benefits

Vibro-liposuction adds a new dimension to male liposuction by adding compressed air to the cannula. The compressed air causes the cannula to vibrate with rapid and small movements. Although it seems like an insignificant addition, the vibrations make the job easier for the surgeon to accurately break down fat cells and vacuum them. The vibrating cannula also stimulates collagen production in the targeted area to result in healthier skin structure for the treated area.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your answer when you are considering male liposuction. For more info on how we can help you be rid of stubborn fat deposits for good, please browse our website for details. Feel free to contact us today to book your consultation.

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