Male Liposuction

Male Liposuction Solutions

Men who lead a healthy lifestyle take pride in their physical appearance. Sadly, stubborn fat deposits can get in the way of that perfectly sculpted body. Although you can try to burn these fat cells naturally, you will need a different approach to get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Male liposuction is a feasible solution for this predicament. The process of sculpting your body lowers the fat percentage in your body, starting with a balanced dietary intake and daily exercise. As a result, stubborn fat deposits can show up on specific parts of the body such as the abdomen, chest, flanks, and neck.

Getting Rid of Problematic Fat Deposits

The fat cells in the body are responsive to our lifestyle. As a result, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body will consistently burn excess fat to keep the fat cells underneath your skin under control. During the process of burning fat, non-responsive fat cells can create a fat deposit that stands out like a sore thumb on an otherwise perfectly shaped body. Male liposuction can surgically remove these deposits from your body. Therefore, you can work towards your ideal body without any lumps that are caused by fat deposits underneath the skin.

How Does Male Liposuction Work?

Male liposuction aims to break down and vacuum fat deposits from underneath the skin. Your surgeon will make a small incision next to the affected area on your body to allow the cannula access to the fat deposits. From here, your surgeon will break down the deposits with the cannula and vacuum them from your body. The result is a flatter, slimmer, and more sculpted body that is free of non-responsive fat cells. If you are a smoker, prepare to refrain from smoking for 2 months before and after your surgery to optimise oxygen flow in your body to help the healing process on cellular level.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice when it comes to liposuction for men and women in Gauteng. If you require a solution to non-responsive fat deposits, we have your covered. For more info on how we can help you, please browse our website for details. Contact us today to book your consultation.

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