Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery to Correct Protruding Eyelids

Cosmetic eyelid surgery removes the excess skin on the upper eyelids to reduce the appearance of protruding eyelids, one of the first signs of aging. This procedure can also target the fat deposits underneath the eyes to correct baggy lower eyelids for a rejuvenated and more youthful facial expression.

Early signs of aging include saggy eyelids, wrinkles, and creases around the eyes and in the surrounding facial areas. Blepharoplasty, which is the medical term for cosmetic eyelid surgery, can correct the early aging signs for a while, turning back the clock for a more youthful facial expression.

What Causes the Eyelids to Protrude and/or Sag?

Saggy upper eyelids and baggy lower eyelids are usually caused by fat accumulation around the eyes and underneath the eyelids. The fat accumulation can also be a genetic condition. Looking from a medical perspective, genetically protruded upper eyelids can impair the field of view of your eyes. As a result, cosmetic eyelid surgery is more than just a cosmetic solution and can be an answer for those with genetically protruded eyelids.

Should I Consider Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

If you are considering cosmetic eyelid surgery, you should also consider the general health of your eyesight and eyes. As we get older, our eyesight naturally deteriorates, with several age-related issues that can come down the road. Therefore, if you are currently receiving any medical treatments for your eyes, you should inform your surgeon about it when discussing eyelid surgery in a consultation. If you are a smoker, you should also prepare yourself to stop smoking for at least 2 months before and after the surgery to optimise oxygen flow in your body for optimal cellular healing.

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When booking a consultation with one of our professional surgeons, they can assess your eyelids and give you a professional opinion on how blepharoplasty can be a possible solution for you, whether you want to reduce genetically protruded eyelids or be rid of early aging signs. If you need any financial assistance, we can direct you to a financial institution to help you pay for your surgery.

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