Combo Breast Procedure

Combining a Breast Enlargement with a Breast Lift

Our combo breast procedure combines a breast lift and a breast augmentation surgery to address sagginess, volume loss, large areolas, shape, and bust size. This combination procedure can be an ideal solution for women who can possibly benefit from both procedures. By combining both into a single procedure, we can avoid the need for a secondary procedure. If you are considering a combo breast procedure, Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your answer.

Getting a Professional Assessment

When you book a consultation with one of our professional surgeons, your surgeon will give you their assessment on how they can surgically correct problems such as sagginess and volume loss. In the case where a combo breast procedure is a feasible solution, your surgeon can give you a proper explanation of the procedure and what you can realistically expect from the potential results. An ideal candidate can be a woman who went through several pregnancies and suffered volume loss that led to sagginess, wanting to address and correct the issue for a rejuvenated appearance.

How is the Combo Breast Procedure Done?

The procedure starts with a breast lift, removing excess fat and skin from the breasts to reshape them into a more appealing shape that enhances your body contours. The surgeon will relocate the nipples to a more suitable position once the breasts have been reshaped as well, leading to smaller areolas. Once the breasts are reshaped, the silicone implants will be inserted to add extra volume and bust size. These implants will be inserted either directly underneath the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle wall, dependent on the ideal position of the implants in accordance with your body.

What Happens Before and After My Surgery?

Any medical surgery will require some level of preparation. Your surgeon will discuss the preparations with you, along with what to expect from the recovery of your surgery afterwards. If you are a smoker, prepare to quit smoking for a period before and after your surgery to optimise oxygen flow in your body, which will deliver optimal cellular during recovery.

Centurion Cosmetic Clinic is your first choice when you want a surgical solution for cosmetic breast surgery. Our combo breast surgery can correct sagginess and volume loss in a single procedure as opposed to going through multiple procedures to get the desired results. Feel free to browse our website for details.

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