A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Having Breast Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, with breast implants in particular, still remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that one can have done – this is in large part due to the fact that women are more comfortable than ever when it comes to making decisions about the look and shape of their bodies. For centuries, breasts have played an important role in female sexuality and body confidence.

These days, women who opt for breast implant surgery do so for many reasons, including:

  • A boost to confidence and self-esteem
  • Disproportionate, lopsided, or underdeveloped breasts
  • Recent weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.


For a healthy woman, the above factors may contribute to her desire for a larger bust, and with surgeons more knowledgeable than ever, this surgery is not anything as risky as it once was. However, there still remain some downsides to the surgery to consider before investing in this life-changing journey. Below we look at some of the most popular pros and cons of getting breast implants.


Con – Recovery Time

Recovery time for this type of procedure can be anywhere from one to two weeks, and you can expect to miss a few days of work after the surgery. Discomfort and pain are normal and to be expected after any surgery of this nature, and so pain management is essential.


Con – Post-Op Care

Breast implant surgery is a widely performed procedure and generally goes down without a hitch, but part of a smooth recovery has to do with post-op care. Not only is heavy exercising for a few weeks after this operation discouraged, but keeping the incision areas clean and dry is also vital to avoid infection. Following your surgeon’s instructions on healing can minimise the risk for bacterial infections and scarring, giving you the best possible result.


Con – Capsular Contracture, Deflation, and Rupture

After having breast implant surgery, you will need to monitor your breasts for as long as you have the implants. There are many risks involved with saline and silicone implants, such as capsular contracture, which occurs when the breast begins to harden around the implant, causing intense pain. Paying attention to the look and feel of your breasts, as well as having a good surgeon, is one way to avoid these complications.


Pro – A Totally New Lease on Life

Some women experience feelings of inadequacy because they are insecure about the size of their breasts. Living in a world that bombards girls with perfection from a very young age can contribute to feeling as though they don’t measure up. The psychological effects of having your breasts modified have been well recorded in studies and most women find that they are able to lead fuller, happier lives after the surgery. Another advantage is the fact that clothes fit better and some women may feel sexier in their new bodies – this is a contributing factor to their increase in confidence.

As with any surgery, there are risks to consider, but having a good surgical team at your side will help ensure the result you are hoping for. Book a consultation with us at Centurion Cosmetic Clinic.