Reasons to Consider Breast Enlargement Surgery If You’re on the Fence

Breast augmentation (also known as augmentation mammoplasty) is a technical term for a surgical cosmetic procedure aimed at increasing the size of your bust, as well as lifting and creating more balanced proportions. Here are some reasons to consider breast enlargement surgery if you are still weighing your options.

Creating a Harmonious Profile

When making first impressions, people generally scrutinise your overall figure and portrait before getting into any details, and one factor that contributes heavily to a woman’s proportion is her chest size. Women with disproportionately small breasts or underdeveloped breasts (also called “micromastia”) often feel that the people around them notice the size of their breasts first, leading to deep-seated insecurities about the way they look. Women who struggle with this issue often stay away from bathing suits without cups and clothes that may contribute to the appearance of flat-chestedness. Breast enlargement surgery is one way to enhance your physical profile in a way that you feel suits the rest of your silhouette best.

Size and Its Effect on Self-Esteem

With so many celebrity A-listers gracing the front cover of magazines, it’s hard to miss how beautiful their figures are. It’s difficult to remember that most of these celebrities have themselves undergone a number of surgical procedures with the aim of acquiring the ideal figure. Nevertheless, this constant bombardment of how women “should” look can cause a real knock to a woman’s confidence. For many women, looking voluptuous and “womanly” is one way to feel sexy and gain back those years spent in self-doubt. Breast enlargement surgery only alters one facet of your appearance, but its effects can generally be felt in many other areas of your life, especially with your self-confidence. Taking ownership of how you feel you want to look is a form of self-care, and this highly personal decision may be what gives you the outer confidence to express your inner beauty.

Your Wardrobe Will Thank You

Due to the sudden exhilaration of such a big change, many women find themselves going out and buying an entirely new wardrobe. Where certain fashion choices may once have been off limits due to their exposure of a smaller bust, they can now be worn with self-assurance. Breast enlargement surgery may mean that you don’t need to spend money or waste time on heavily padded push-up bras anymore.

When Cancer Survivors Want to Feel Whole Again

Breast cancer survivors who have undergone a life-saving mastectomy often report a sense of loss of their femininity. Breast enlargement and reconstructive surgery can be performed using silicone or saline implants, as well as a woman’s own body tissue. It may take time for a woman to heal from the emotional and physical strain that her cancer treatment put her through, but having a breast enlargement/reconstructive procedure done can be a helpful step in this journey.

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