Your Questions Answered About Boob Lift Surgery

Do your saggy breasts make you feel unattractive and miserable? South Africa tends to follow cosmetic-surgery trends from abroad, which are heavily influenced by celebrities, social media platforms, and social circles, which is why boob lift surgery is high on many women’s bucket lists. If you’re considering boob lift surgery, it’s only natural that you have questions. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a Boob Lift?

There are many reasons why women choose to have boob lift surgery. Did you know that your breasts never stop growing and changing in size or shape? It’s only when your breasts start losing their firmness and elasticity, and start to droop that you start calling breast surgery clinics. While there are many reasons why women lose their youthful breasts, the main culprits are breastfeeding, genetics, age, and weight fluctuations. So how does boob lift surgery work? The surgeon removes all the excess skin from the breasts, giving them a more youthful shape. However, in most cases, due to volume and elasticity, most women also need to have their enlarged, stretched areolas made smaller, which is done at the same time.


Will I Be Left with Scars?

To answer this question, it must be understood that there are three different types of breast lifts. The first type is called the “circumareolar” technique. During this procedure, the correction is achieved by making an incision around the areola and lifting the breasts. The second type of correction is known as the “vertical” technique. This correction is extremely popular as the incisions circle the areola and extend downward. This correction is ideal for moderate to severe sagging. Lastly, there is the “anchor” technique. This correction starts with a vertical incision that moves into a horizontal incision along the breast crease. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss each technique based on your breasts’ shape, areola size and position, skin quality and elasticity, and your breasts’ size. Today, technology is far more advanced, so the surgeon’s incisions are so fine that the scars are not as obvious as they were in the ‘90s.


How Much Does Boob Lift Surgery Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all, so costs vary according to hospital care, surgeon and anaesthetist fees, and pre- and post-surgery care. Fortunately, at Centurion Cosmetic Clinic in Pretoria, we can refer you to a financial consultant who will help you obtain a personal loan, either through MediFin or Incred Medical Finance.

If you’re not happy with your sagging breasts, do something about it and schedule a consultation with the Centurion Cosmetic Clinic to see what type of boob lift is right for you.