To Dr Marais and his WONDERFUL team.

I want to thank each staff member for the unbelievable friendliness and excellent service I experienced at the Centurion Clinic.

Since the first consultation I felt special and comfortable, all was clearly explained and today, almost two weeks later, I am so satisfied with the result and recovering after a hugely successful procedure.

A big thank you to Sr Wilma who calmed my nerves and prepared me for the procedure. Thank you, Sr. Anel, Sr Elna, Sr Lottie in theatre (in case I have missed someone, please thank them as well), that you made me feel at ease, also calmed me as my nerves receded and tears levelled. ☺

Also, a Big Thank you to Dr Jakuszko for his excellent and thorough way with the anaesthetic. He made an effort before the time to introduce himself en explained everything that will happen in theatre.

Thank you, Sr. Lottie, for all your caring, patience, brilliant care and sacrifice to sleep over with me the evening after the procedure was done. She also explained all related matters regarding healing and wound care. She is very precious.

A Big thank you to Linda, Mienie and Alta for your patience and friendliness, your speedy replies to all my questions before the time.

Thank you, Sr. Anel, for the excellent care during my follow-up visits.

Dr Marais, A BIG THANK YOU FOR AN EXCELLENT “JOB”- I am very happy with the results. Your work has done wonders for my self-image.

I already feel like a totally different person and I am not even halfway through my healing process. I cannot wait to see the end result. Dr, I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you again to everyone at the Centurion Clinic for your excellent service. The personnel is friendly, thorough and helped with all the aspects of the procedure.

I can recommend you to anybody, any day.

May you all have a blessed and prosperous 2017.

Highest regards

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