Dear Dr Marais & staff,

I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to each & everyone who was involved with my breast augmentation. I am absolutely thrilled with the results & know that they will just become even more beautiful once settled. I want to thank everyone that was involved with my surgery & aftercare for the excellent work. You all made me feel at ease and treated me as if I was special & not just another girl coming in for a boob job. Everyone was so professional & I felt that each person genuinely cared for my well-being. Thank you to Dr Marais for doing such an amazing job, and thank you to you, Anel & the nurse on duty the day of my surgery for recommending the 400cc’s for me when I was convinced I wanted to go with 350. I would not have been happy with the smaller size & your experience helped me to make the right decision. I would also like to thank my anaesthetist (Dr De Villiers) for her excellent bedside manner, her kindness & for doing a great job of putting me under. I apologise for not being able to remember everyone’s names but I was obviously too excited. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone interested in your services. I have always wanted a breast enlargement & Dr Marais & your team have exceeded all my expectations.

Please ensure that everyone involved with my surgery on the day (30 September 2016) see’s this email. I would like them to know just how grateful I am for their kindness, friendliness & professionalism.

Kind regards,


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